Saturday, October 6, 2012

When a Problem isn't a Problem...

One of the recurring themes on this blog will be discussing innovation in the context of problems or "Problem Spaces." For some, this may pose a bit of negative connotation, but in fact word "problem" isn't all that negative after all. Problems require problem solving and problem solving is the engine that drives all innovation. Let's take a deeper look:
  • The argument can be made that most if not all Innovation is a problem-solving exercise. 
  • If we accept this to be true then we’ve been given the key to transforming Innovation into a predictable, repeatable and consistent exercise.
  • Problem-Solving can be more than a one-off activity. It is also necessarily more than distinct empirical exercises as well.

The composition of a Problem Space

Problem Spaces exhibit three primary characteristics:
  • A Causality Set – Those elements which influence or cause the problem/s.
  • A Manifestation Set – Those elements which demonstrate the problem/s.
  • A Resolution Set – Those elements which may impact the previous two sets. 
We will explore Problems and Problem Sets in nearly every Technovation Talk or post to follow and we will spend more time defining problems sets as part of innovation methodology as well (in a presentation dedicated just to problem spaces and problem solving).

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