Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Introduction to Technovation Talks

Hello and welcome to the first post on the Technovation Talks Blog.

Let's start at the beginning with a definition; what is Technovation ? In our view, Technovation is applied Innovation, facilitated by variety of technologies. Our focus though will be primarily directed towards Information Technology (IT) and how IT is used to empower all other forms of technology-driven innovation.

The audience for this blog will likely be a mix of IT professionals as well as students and professionals from other fields who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the array of IT capabilities and tools available today. The blog will include regular posts as well video presentations and those presentations will be separated into three main categories:
  1. The "Understanding Series" - This series provides both high-level and detailed examinations of somewhat complex technical concepts or topics. Thus this category has two subcategories; "Understanding Overviews" and "Understanding In-Depth."
  2. The "How-to Series" - This series focuses on unique practices and activities associated with IT. Some of these will focus on the skills associated with a particular practice areas, others may take in depth looks into how to use specific tools (for example an HTML 5 editor or a Master Data Management platform).
  3. The "Problem Solvers Series" - This series represents Applied Innovation in action as specific technologies and concepts are directed towards solving common or unique business/mission related challenges. This implies a presentation built around solving one specific problem rather than viewing the practices or technologies generically or across a range of problems. 
Each presentation, regardless of the series involved, will provide certain consistent information for the viewer, including:
  • Concept definitions
  • Concept hierarchies or taxonomies
  • Several real-world examples
  • At least one concept visualization
We certainly hope you that will find these talks both educational and enjoyable.  Our next post will include the taxonomy of topics associated with the "Understanding Series." The first Technovation Talks presentation will be posted soon...

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