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Most of Information Technology in what is referred to as "The Enterprise." Enterprise IT may not be as glamrous as writing about tech start up companies in the valley but it is in fact where the rubber meets the road in relation tech adoption...
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Exploring Governance Process - part 2 11-28-2012
Exploring Governance Process - part 1 11-27-2012
Enterprise Integration Maturity Levels 11-22-2012

Standardization versus Innovation 11-20-2012
Understanding Enterprise Standardization 11-19-2012
What is Enterprise Transformation? 11-16-2012
Understanding Master Data Management 11-06-2012
Understanding Data Warehouse Challenges 11-02-2012
PLM and the PMO 10-25-2012
Introducing Program Lifecycle Management 10-24-2012
Capability-Driven Acquisition 10-22-2012
Process Management & Process Fusion 10-16-2012
The Strange Case of SharePoint 10-10-2012
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