Intelligent Healthcare

Introducing, Intelligent Healthcare

Healthcare IT is perhaps the single greatest force in helping to reform and innovate within the practice of medicine today. This section of the Technovation Talks blog is dedicated to articles and presentations related to Healthcare IT.
Post TitleDate PostedHighlights
The Healthcare Portfolio 12-5-2012
Medical Charts & the EHR 12-04-2012
Intelligent Healthcare Scenarios 11-30-2012
Intelligent Healthcare Capabilities 11-29-2012
Understanding Healthcare Inter-operability 11-14-2012
The Intelligent Healthcare Manifesto 10-30-2012
Federal Healthcare IT Initiatives 10-15-2012
Intelligent Healthcare & Integration 10-13-2012
Intelligent Healthcare: EHR Assumptions 10-11-2012
What is Intelligent Healthcare ? 10-10-2012
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