Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is Cyber Strategy?

Security has always been driven by Strategy, Operations and Tactics – Cyber Security is no different.  Cyber Security encompasses “Cyberspace” not only from a traditional security management approach, but includes the emerging role of Cyber operations as well. Given the evolving nature of Cyber Security, the ability to address Cyber Strategy is the most logical place to begin providing comprehensive solutions.

A comprehensive approach to Cyber Security Strategy consists of the following core capabilities:
  • Application of the or an underlying, unifying Methodology – to any individual environment or across federated environments. The methodology must be designed to coordinate previously separate Cyber “Stovepipes.”
  • Enterprise Cyber Lifecycle Management – The Methodology must include the ability to deploy and manage complex Security Lifecycle coordination both within and across organizations.
  • Enterprise Cyber Governance – The Methodology must also includes program and project governance as well as the ability to govern dynamic technical solutions once deployed. 

  • Cyber Doctrine – As the arsenal of Cyber capabilities continues to grow and the complexity of Cyber Security increases, many organizations will require guiding principles upon which all other capabilities or actions will be derived from. Doctrine differs from Strategy in that it is not dynamic in nature.

  • Cyber Operational Strategy – The day to day management of Cyber infrastructures is becoming ever more dynamic. The ability to coordinate cross domain operations requires clear definition of operational strategies.  Those strategies must also be dynamic and cannot be solely reactive in nature.

  • Cyber Operational Tactics – The key to ensuring a unified Cyber Security management solution is the ability to define dynamic Strategy & Tactics in context with one another – the tactics are more specific and subordinate to strategies which in turn are derived from doctrine. 

  • Predictive Strategy - This represents the ability to model and counter threats before they’re experienced.

Cyber Security requires Cyber Strategy...

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