Thursday, October 4, 2012

Call for Presenters

As part of our Technovation Talks series we intend to reach out to experts across our industry (IT) as well as other industries who exploit Innovation in Technology to help further their own unique missions. We'd like to invite both volunteers for the topic areas we've already announced as well suggestions for new topics or topic areas.

Our criteria for volunteer presenters is as follows:
  1. The Technovation Talks aren't paid activities.
  2. While you may use the Talks to promote yourself, concepts you support or even specific products; the talks are not meant to be product commercials, but rather an objective overview regarding some aspect of IT practice.
  3. Full attribution and copyright protection are guaranteed - we would merely provide a suggested PowerPoint template and then host the resulting video on our blog and channel. 
If you are interested, please contact Stephen Lahanas and provide the following information:
  • Suggested Topic (and topic area)
  • Presentation title
  • Presentation length
  • Key concepts being presented
  • Industry experience & background of the presenter (short bio)
 Thanks and we're looking forward to hearing from...

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