Friday, November 16, 2012

What is Enterprise Transformation?

by Stephen Lahanas

At the highest level, “Enterprise Transformation” simply represents the set of initiatives necessary for an organization to adopt new technologies, better facilitate processes and enhance core capability applied to achieve mission objectives. The main differentiation between enterprise and specific or domain level transformations is the scope of the effort. Once an organization moves to this type of effort it typically involves:

  • Enterprise-wide Analysis
  • Enterprise-wide Architecture Design
  • Sequenced or Concurrent Implementations
  • Evolution of Management & Governance

A conceptual visualization of the architectural implications of SOA
What tends to come out of such a transformation is an architecture better aligned to business objectives. Services Oriented Architecture or SOA represents a critical first step towards attaining that improved alignment but by no means represents the full scope of potential transformation opportunities; once movement to a services paradigm is achieved the following additional transformation activities may occur:

Migration to Cloud Computing business models and architectures.
Full integration across Data Architectures built atop a Semantic and MDM foundation.
Migration to a holistic enterprise Cyber Security management paradigm.

Services Oriented Architecture represents an enabling capability for all of these other objectives mainly because it facilitates the move from stove-piped IT management to an enterprise perspective. SOA also provides in many organizations the first opportunity to enact a global governance approach that allows organization to coordinate management across the entire enterprise. While there are some forms of enterprise transformation that don't require a move towards a service-oriented paradigm, those solutions are becoming less and less common. Even ERP solutions are now being positioned as services, although the mechanism for deploying them is a more focused on large COTS software packages - but much of that too is moving towards the Cloud and being served from there.

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