Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cyber Security Doctrine

The foundation for designing the next generation of Cyber Security techniques, methodologies and solutions begins with an updated philosophy or doctrine. We're going to take a stab at that with the following Cyber Security Doctrine.
  • Doctrinal Concept 1 – Cyberspace is an active battlespace; in other words Cyberwar is today’s new proxy battlefield, it is the new “cold war.” 
  • Doctrinal Concept 2 – Cyberspace is not just about defense; in fact, the view of the NETOPs environment as a reactionary architecture is one of the reasons it cannot keep pace with emerging threats. Offense is needed.
  • Doctrinal Concept 3 – Cyberspace is a rapidly changing paradigm, the current processes for deploying capability are not yet aligned to this rapid pace.
  • Doctrinal Concept 4 – Cyberspace combines systems (information & weapons systems) and communications in ways previously not imagined. This has a strangely unifying effect, eventually merging the systems involved. Some of this is intentional, some of it is an accidental byproduct.
  • Doctrinal Concept 5 – Cyberspace is not and cannot easily be segmented, the overlap across various participants complicates action and mission success. Coordinated missions will become the norm. 
  • Doctrinal Concept 6 – Cyber “events” occur within a context – in fact they form patterns which can be modeled, predicted and mitigated. 
  • Doctrinal Concept 7 – Cyberspace represents a previously unavailable route of access to government (or any confidential) information and capability; however the approach towards security and privacy must still be balanced against common sense and the core principles upon which the nation was founded.
  • Doctrinal Concept 8 – The most important “Cyber-weapon” is and always will be the human mind; management of Cyber Operations must foster innovative and agile decision making. Threats must be addressed proactively and with a minimum of bureaucracy in order to match the natural advantages held by potential Cyber opponents. 
Cyber Attacks are not random events...

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