Friday, December 7, 2012

Coming up on Technovation Talks...

This is preview of the posts and presentations you'll be seeing on the Technovation Talks Blog over the next month:

  • An Introduction to IT Architecture
  • How to create Conceptual Data Models
  • Using Joomla as an Enterprise CMS solution
  • The Top 10 IT breakthroughs of 2012
  • Evaluating the Adobe Creative Cloud and MS Office 365 
  • Top 5 challenges in Project Architecture
  • IT Predictions for 2013
  • Principles of Natural Intelligence
  • 5 Ways to monetize massively online multi-player games
  • How to set up a Cyber Security Consortium part 2
  • Mastering Requirements Management for the Enterprise
  • Understanding Quantum Networks
  • Introducing a Data Reference Model for Cyber Security
  • How to use the UML Domain Model
  • Integrating Mobile and Web Applications 
  • Crowd-sourcing and Virtual Collaboration - Problem Solving for the next 100 years
  • The state of the Semantic Web
  • An assessment of DMBOK 2.0
  • How to Set up a Big Data Practice
  • Estimating IT Projects - the Top 5 Skills
  • Exploiting new features of HTML 5 for Web and Mobile Development
  • The Personal Learning Environment
  • Understanding Forecourt, POS and Electronic Payment Solutions
  • Using Intelligent Healthcare to improve Patient Outcomes 
  • Exploring the Windows 8 Interface

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